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Home Town Cheesecakes / New York Style Baked Cheescakes

I was going to put flavour first. I'm not an artist and I could never pretend to be. I had bought to many fancy looking cakes only to be let down when it came to flavour or texture. I wasn't going to fall into that trap, so I decided my cheesecakes would be served simply with my signature whipped cream and a little decoration and boy would they taste good. I was going to put customer service at the heart of what I do. If it wasn't right, if I messed up, if there was an issue or a problem then it was clear in my mind that I would fix it and fix it quickly.

Two rules! Two simple rules, that I knew if I worked by I could call myself a success no matter how many cheesecakes I sold.

That was 2012. With my rules in place I started my Facebook page and I was ready to sell. Within a month I had my first sale, but I was stood up. Undeterred I sliced up that cheesecake and posted a picture of it on Facebook and declared that I had 16 slices of "cheesecake for sale" with free delivery in Dundee. Success!!! I sold all 16 slices of the cheesecake in my first hour.