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Lundin Distilling Company Ltd / Gorse Gin

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Working in collaboration with a renowned distiller (previously of Sipsmith and currently Arbikie), Gorse Gin is the combination of a love for the Fife coast and the science of botanical profiling. Together they create a fruity and floral gin; smooth enough to be enjoyed straight but robust enough to stand up to a tonic. Even in a busy market, this uniquely long gin pushes the boundaries of the spirit.
18 botanicals including Italian (sweet) and Macedonian (rich) juniper, elderflower, chamomile, caraway, grapefruit, bitter orange, cinnamon and locally foraged Fife gorse (of course!).
Upfront juniper with lemon sherbet. The gorse adds bison grass and honey which then lead into a fusion of fruit flavours (cherry, apple, pear) and, for the truly discerning gin drinker, a hint of Irn-Bru! Finally, the gin eases into a wonderfully long finish of treacle toffee, dark chocolate and bitter orange.