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Never 25 / Scottish Fruit Spirits

The story of Tayport Distillery begins in the apple orchards of Ohio, and continues here in the berry fields of Fife.

Inspired as much by tales of old Ohian moonshiners, as by the podcasts and books about today’s renaissance micro-distillers, Kecia plunged herself headfirst into this new life.

The distillery is nestled on the outskirts of the Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve on the east side of Tayport.  The distillery is part of a growing group of folk, who are proud to be taking part in the regeneration of this area.

Inspired by the booming gin market, our goal was to create a natural fruit spirit that sits alongside gin and vodka and is the perfect serve for a refreshing cocktail. We believe that great craft products must demonstrate authenticity and provenance if they are to win the support of a loyal customer following.

Unlike Gin, we use Scottish fruits for flavour instead of Juniper. Our drink is a Scottish twist on a traditional European drink known as Eau De Vie. Many years ago this spirit was produced using the left over fruits in rural areas. Never.25 uses modern distillation methods and the best fruits to produce a refined drink for those looking for something different.

Never.25 is an amazing new drink from the craft distilling world. It has already received high praise from leading cocktail bars in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and most recently renowned London restaurant Lyan Cub for its taste and versatility.