freah food from Fife

Simply Herdwick / Lamb and Hogget

Our love for Herdwicks started after a holiday in the Lake District where we seen these unique sheep for the first time. We were intrigued by there grey fleece and there ability to survive on very little on the Fells of the Lake District. After some research we found out that the meat from a Herdwick was in high demand and had such a great reputation for its flavour and tenderness, this inspired us and we thought there was an opportunity to produce our own Herdwick lamb. After a brief flick through the local paper we noticed some one local was selling some Herdwicks, we thought this a chance to get our flock up and running and that same weekend we bought our first Tup and a couple ewe lambs.

A few years on and we now have 80 breeding Herdwick's and a couple tups called Hector and Brian we pride ourselves in producing Herdwick lamb and Hogget which is 100% grass fed and full of flavour and very tender. We sell our lamb and hogget at local markets and on an online food market and also have a growing customer base where we deliver locally. We believe that our lamb is so much better than anything that can be bought in the shops and pride ourselves on the fact that our lamb and hogget is allowed to grow naturally and has the most happy life that it can possibly have.