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Puddledub Pork / Pork

We believe produce with low food miles that hasn’t been shipped half way around the world is tastier. All of our Pork is hung for up to 10 days which allows the flavour to develop fully and help us produce truly marvellous pork to be enjoyed. We offer a full range including our popular Fifeshire bacon and large variety of sausages.

All of our pigs are bred and reared at Clentrie, fed on barley and bedded on loose straw, which we grow in our fields. Our animal’s health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us. We feel that we can offer all of our animals a good life by letting them grow slowly and giving them the care and attention they need to have a ‘Happy’ life. We have regular visits from the vet and pig consultant who work with us to ensure that every stage of our pig husbandry and animal welfare is to the highest level. 

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Puddledub are delighted to announce that we have opened a traditional butcher shop on Kirkcaldy High Street. To contact the Kirkcaldy Shop call  07720 647802

 Shop Location

Our traditional butcher shop is located on Kirkcaldy High Street, KY1 1JD. It is located within Cupcake Coffeebox. Just follow the signs through to the butcher shop. It's also known as McDonalds Mall as it's the site of the former McDonalds on Kirkcaldy High St.