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Trotter's Independent Condiments ltd / Chutney & Preserves

Trotter’s Independent Condiments specialises in sourcing, developing and producing products that are unusual or unobtainable in the British market.  Using Scottish produce and creating seasonal recipes with a wide range of chutneys and jellies.

Over 11 years into business now and we are stocking over 300 shops, restaurants and catering companies, we have a larger range of products under the Trotter's brand and we also do some contract manufacturing for other brands including The Balmoral Homeland Gleneagles Hotel.


We try to minimise landfill waste as much as possible, infact we barely fill a black bin liner once a week. We achieve this by recycling and composting as much as possible including: Glass, tin, plastic, shrink wrap, paper and cardboard. Any packaging that we can reuse, we do and we try out best to source products in eco friendly packaging.

Shopping local

Not only is shopping local good for the local economy, it is also good for reducing food miles. We buy all our cheese from The St. Andrews Farm house Cheese Co. all our oil from Summer Harvest and our dairy from Graham's Family dairy. We priorities local over price, our sugar is all made in the UK from British sugar beet rather than cheaper imported cane sugar.